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Wanna Be An MMA Fighter? Train at Finney's MMA

By:  Matthew Pearlman


Let me tell you, my dream has come true!  I have always wanted to train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ).  I started training at Finney’s MMA in St. Louis, MO in April 2011.  Every time I go I have the time of my life.  They treat you very well at Finney’s and they teach you how to defend yourself.  Ever since I started BJJ training at Finney’s I have learned so much and it is fun.


Did you know this is where local and regional MMA fighters train?  Also, when the Strikeforce event was in town, the fighters trained here.  Finney’s MMA recently purchased the Hughes Intensive Training (HIT Squad gym) in Granite City, Illinois.


It’s a really nice place too!  They have everything there:  Brazilian Jiu-jitsu,  kickboxing, boxing, MMA training, fitness classes, cardio, a weight room and more.  If you want to learn to defend yourself, have fun, and get a great workout - Finney’s is the place to go.  They have classes and programs for people of all ages.  They will not let you down, I promise!


You can learn more about Finney’s MMA by visiting their website at: