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Cheick Kongo

UFC Fighter



What advice do you have for an aspiring MMA fighter?

Work at school, succeed in your studies! Then, take care of your body and mind, light years away from drugs and steroïds. Respect your partners, teammates, be serious and focus, stay humble, listen to your coach and train hard, always remain steadfast in your efforts.


If you were not a MMA fighter what would you be?

If I wasn't a MMA fighter, I would be a foreign legion soldier .


Who were your heroes growing up?

My heroes were my mother and my old brother Rudy (RIP).


What was your favorite subject in school?  And why?

My favorite subject in school was History. I love the medieval period. For me, it is always interresting to know how people lived at this time without any technology.


What is your favorite part about being a MMA fighter?

My favorite part about being a MMA fighter is to give and share great vibes with people.  If I can make them dream and feel good when I am fighting, then I am happy.


What is your favorite website?

My favorite website is "Google"  This is an incredible tool to learn and find what you want or need.