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Jason Brilz

UFC Fighter




What is your gameplan against Ryan Bader?

My gameplan for Ryan Bader is pretty much the same as all my fights, I will try to take him down and I will be looking for the submission.  Pretty basic, but it's harder than it looks.

How have you been preparing for this fight?

On days that I work I wake up around 5 and go running, then a crossfit workout of some type later at work.  On my days off, it's two hard workouts either striking with sparring or wrestling with BJJ.

Who do you train with?

I have been working my striking with Kurt Podony and Ryan Jensen and my BJJ with Scott Morton and John Hansen.  I also have some outstanding training partners that love nothing more to either try and knock my head off or submit me.  I am very blessed that I have the team that I have to train with.

What is the best part of Ryan Bader's game?

The best part of Ryan Bader's game is that his punches and takedowns flow together.  He's a very gifted fighter.

What is your prediction for the fight

My prediction is that this will be a very hard fought decision.