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Jessie Godderz

Pro Wrestler & Reality TV Star

1.) What has been your career highlight so far?

I'm proud to say that my most important career highlight so far is becoming The Youngest 2-Sport Pro Athlete in history (in the sports of Pro Bodybuilding and Pro Wrestling). Here's a brief history of how I achieved that title: Back in 2005, I joined the NANBF (a natural bodybuilding organization in the midwest) and entered my first bodybuilding show called “The Best of the Midwest 2005 in Cedar Rapids, IA. I stepped onstage to a round of applause and when I finished up, I was declared the WINNER in all of the classes that I entered. I won the Teen Division, I won my height class in the Novice Division, and most importantly, I also won The OVERALL as a NOVICE!! It was Crazy.  And, I had just turned 20 years old a few days earlier. That meant I was The Youngest NATURAL Pro Bodybuilder in the USA (a title I still proudly hold as far as I know). Then, a couple of years ago, after being trained by FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling, the training division of the WWE), I joined a television show called WFX Overload...which is a national Pro Wrestling program emanating out of Canada and appearing throughout the US on the America One Sports Cable Network. When that happened, I also officially became a Pro Wrestler (while I was still just 23 years old)! Since then, I've signed with SPIKE TV's IMPACT Wrestling program, trained at the world-renowned Team 3D Wrestling Academy and am currently training at the prestigious Ohio Valley Wrestling School in Louisville...all in preparation for my debut on SPIKE later this year. So, to recap, becoming The Youngest 2-Sport Pro Athlete Ever in the Sports of Pro Bodybuilding & Pro Wrestling has definitely been my career highlight so far.

2.) What was the best part about being on Big Brother?

The best part about being on CBS' Big Brother was being able to entertain folks around the country (while trying to win $500,000 in prize money)! Since I first appeared on the show back in 2008, the folks at Big Brother have become like my second family and I am so honored to now have returned to the show for four years running (more than any other star in the history of the hit series). In addition, my fans all around the country always contact me to tell me that my surprise appearances on the show the last two years have been the most memorable and most hysterical parts of the season for them...so that makes me very, very happy. I enjoy putting a smile on people's faces and making them laugh.  Nothing makes me feel better or happier.  Plus, my appearances in Big Brother made my wrestling moniker, Mr. PEC-Tacular, a household name...so it couldn't have worked out any better.

3.) What role do hard work and a positive attitude play in being successful in life?

Hard work and a positive attitude is absolutely invaluable to being a success in life.  Without an extremely strong work ethic and exceptionally positive attitude, you don't give your dreams the best chance of being realized. When I started out, everyone told me that it would be nearly impossible to accomplish what I was able to at such a young age...but I didn't listen to the naysayers, I persevered, I worked hard, I never took "no" for an answer...and, lo and behold, I achieved my goals! 

4.) Why is honesty and integrity important in sports and life?

Honesty and integrity is the basis of all sports...and of life.  Remember the old expression...It doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's how you play the game.  That expression couldn't be more true. If you don't play a game fairly, it won't give you a true sense of satisfaction (like the win was earned). Working hard, training, and persevering is how you accomplish your goals in sports and in life and it means absolutely nothing unless you do so honestly and with complete integrity.  If you cheat, a win is a hallow victory.  It means nothing.  That's true in sports and in life. On the flip side, if you show honesty and integrity (and loyalty) to your teammates, it will give you respect in the locker room and turn your teammates into your second family...and you can get through anything together (like in life). It's the mantra by which I live my own life.

5.) What are your goals in the next year or so?

My major goal in the next year would be to debut on SPIKE TV's IMPACT Wrestling show and make everyone in that organization proud. IMPACT Wrestling has the most talented professional wrestlers on the planet so it's a true privilege and honor to be associated with that company.  It truly is a DREAM COME TRUE!! I also am supposed to be featured on the cover of a few fitness publications in the next few months so I'm hoping that those plans come to fruition. Lastly, I may be co-hosting a new collegiate strength and endurance sports competition show for FOX Sports Net so I'm unbelievably excited about that possibility as well.

6.)  Describe a time you had to persevere through a difficult situation.

It all goes back to when I first thought about becoming a Pro Bodybuilder. It all started after high school. That’s when I began lifting seriously. For me, that meant consistently going to the gym.  Going to a community college 30 minutes away from home and weighing 140-145 pounds in the Fall of 2004, I started working out at the college facilities (which wasn’t the best place but it was sufficient enough) and, in my eyes, it was a start. I then took a fitness class so I could test myself against my other classmates and, as a byproduct, since I was also paying for the class for college credit, I took it extra seriously. Shortly after I began that fitness course, I also started working at the facility as a part-time job so I got to spend pretty much every waking hour there. Now with all of those things going on in my life (i.e. school, work, and working out), I didn’t feel the need or urge to go out and party.  I strictly focused on lifting! Little did I know by lifting, I opened up a whole new can of worms because my metabolism was now at SUPER-SPEED!!! I HAD to eat every 2 hours!!! I was hungry all the time. That was a constant. So I went at it for a little less than a year, and that’s when the rumors started FLYING: “Have you seen Godderz?? Have you seen Godderz??”Within a little less than a year, I successfully changed my freshman 15 pounds of beer fat into 10 pounds of CHISELED MUSCLE, and I was weighing around 155-160 pounds now! I now looked better than everyone else because I gained about 10 pounds or so of muscle…while my high school peers gained 15 pounds of beer fat at the exact same time–so there really was a HUGE difference in the way we now looked.  As a result, I was starting to get fingers pointed at me for “cheating”! It was INSANE! Keep in mind, I graduated with 54 people in my senior class, so EVERYBODY knew EVERYBODY and what they were up to and they all talked behind each other’s backs. So, while still being only 19 years old, I felt obligated to prove to people that I hadn’t taken anything to cheat to get my physique!!! As a result, I did my research and found the aforementioned NANBF (a bodybuilding organization in the midwest that has a trained FBI agent polygraph their athletes and make them take urinalysis tests to ensure that they’re not on steroids). That organization also tests more frequently than any other in the industry. So I applied, took all of their tests and, of course, I passed with FLYING COLORS and was accepted into the organization! That proved I was (and always have been) COMPLETELY NATURAL!! So, after proudly being accepted into the NANBF, I entered my first bodybuilding show called “The Best of the Midwest 2005 in Cedar Rapids, IA (the one I spoke about previously). I stepped onstage to a round of applause and when I finished up, I was declared the WINNER in all of the classes that I entered!!! What also meant a lot to me was that all of the other competitors were very helpful and supportive of me because they saw potential that I could go far in this industry...and, thankfully, I did.

7.)  Why did you decide to pursue professional wrestling?  What is your best "move"?

I have always wanted to become a Pro Wrestler ever since I was a kid.  I loved the sport and was mesmerized by the moves that all of the talented athletes performed so I knew at a very young age that I eventually wanted to pursue a career in Pro Wrestling. Now, as you know, I took a temporary detour to become a Pro Bodybuilder as well (which I couldn't be more proud of), but I'm equally as happy right now having achieved my lifelong dream of becoming a Pro Wrestler. As for my best move, it would definitely have to be a move I'm known for called: The PEC-Tacular Press. It's basically a Gorilla Press where I pick my opponent off the ground and press him above my head.  It shows off my strength and it always manages to get the wrestling crowds in an uproar. I patterned it after The Ultimate Warrior and Goldberg and Scott Steiner's Gorilla Presses.