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TeensonSports.com | Sports from a Teen Perspective | Interviews, Memorabilia, Contests and More Mark Shapiro - Cleveland Indians President
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Mark Shapiro

Cleveland Indians President





1.) What advice do you have for someone who is interested in working in the sports business?

To learn as much as possible about the specific jobs, organizational structures, and opportunities within the industry that you want to enter. So if it is baseball, understand how major league teams are set up. Understand how they make decisions and what types of decisions they make, it is also important to understand where you would fit in as a job.


2.) Who were your heroes growing up? Why?

My dad was my hero because of the way he treated people, the fact that he was successful, I just had that feeling that there was nothing he couldn't do. After that it was probaly Brooks Robinson because as much for his consistency at 3rd base, the fact that he won 16 Consecutive Golden glove awards, and the way he treated people, he had a positive attitude and he always treated people outstanding.


3.) What has been the toughest decision you have had to make since you have been with the Cleveland Indians?

Trading Bartolo Calon back in my 1st year as GM in 2002 because in the first time in 8 or 9 years signaled that we were not going to be a contending franchise, the first move we made that was not by the design of contention, but more of rebuilding was a tough message to send to fans, players, coaching staff, it was just very hard to understand & tough for them to accept, but it was a important decision and ultimately a good one.


4.) What is something about your job that the average fan wouldn't know about?

A baseball team is so much more then just a 25 players a day associate with the Major League Team. So on the business side, they may not realize how exstensive the player development system is, international operations, scouting operations, all the support staff, analytics, medical, front office, video... We are an interesting, diverse business that deals with operating a large facility. Underneath the Major League Team, there are so many pieces and parts that fans may not think of.


5.) I read about your work to help your community, how and why did you get involved in giving back to the community?

That's the core felocity of how I grew up, I have always had that expectation that it is essential that we understand how fortunate we are and that we do are best to help others. Fortunately, I am in a organazation where the ownership is alligned with me in that, so we feel not only is it a responsibility or opportunity, but it's a obligation for us to utilize the Indians and are Franchise to positively impact the community around us.


6.) I saw that you played 4 years of college football at Princeton, what other sports did you play growing up?

I played baseball growing up more then any other sport, and it just so happened that I was recruited to play football in college.


7.) What was your favorite subject in school? why?

I would say history or english, I enjoyed writing, reading, and learning about the past.