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Andre Winner & Rob Sinclair Pre-Fight interviews

By: Matthew Pearlman

Wow! I hope you have time to watch BAMMA 10 on September 15. Rob Sinclair is looking to defend his BAMMA title against UFC veteran Andre Winner. This is a fight that not only I have been waiting to see, but I am pretty sure you guys have to! If you want to see amazing action between to amazing fighters, you should watch this great fight. I was fortunate enough to here what they have to say.


Rob Sinclair:

1.)   You have defended your BAMMA belt a couple times. Is this going to be your hardest defence in your opinion?

Yes, Andre is going to definitely be my hardest fight to date. He’s an amazing fighter. He’s very talented, very fast and athletic. A less than 100%  Rob Sinclair will struggle so I’ve got to be at my best.


2.)   How have you been preparing for the fight?

I will prepare the same as always for the majority of the camp. I'll look to impose my strengths and improve some weaknesses and look towards building a game plan. I think I'm definitely going to have to improve my boxing and reflexes though.


3.)   In your opinion, what is the best part of Andre Winner's game?

 I'd say his striking and athleticism are his best assets.


4.)   If you had to say a couple of words to Andre Winner, what would it be?

On the 15th September, let's give these fans what they have been waiting for. But one thing is sure: I am keeping the BAMMA World Lightweight title. Train hard, I’ll be seeing you in the cage! 


Andre Winner:

1.) Is this the biggest fight in your career? If so, why?

In some way the TUF finale was the biggest fight of my career, but when it comes down to it, your next fight is always your biggest as you can't progress if you don't win it.


2.)  How have you been preparing for the fight?

I have just kept on improving all the aspects of MMA. Chris Pyatt, Victor Estima and Michael have helped me so much, I can't thank them enough.

3.) In your opinion, what is the strongest part about Rob Sinclair's game?

Rob is solid all-rounder but I think his main strength is his wrestling as he’s hard to take down and keep down. He also has solid takedowns and a strong top game.

4.) If you had to say a couple words to Rob Sinclair, what would they be?

I don’t have anything to say just for hype's sake. He’s trying to make it and so am I.


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