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Ravens Star Does More Than Just Study Film

By Gabriella DiNatale


Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs certainly takes entertaining seriously. While his talent is nothing short of amazing on the field, the NFL’s reigning Defensive Player of the Year has added film making to his resume.


In 2010, Suggs and his team attended the American Black Film Festival as their short film “Sisters” was played, among a number of other films, to represent outstanding independent filmmaking. The following year, Terrell Suggs took off for Cannes, France where his short film “When Beautiful People do Ugly Things” was to be presented at the annual Cannes Film Festival. Produced by Team Sizzle Films, Suggs showcased his talent as both co-writer and producer.


Most recently, Sizzle has taken to Baltimore to premiere his current film “The Coalition.” Judging from the multiple recommendations listed on the films Facebook page, the sold out show proved to be a hit among fans and production companies alike. In fact, Team Sizzle Films has recently signed the film over to Magnolia Pictures. A major step towards Terrell Suggs’ dreamed of one day winning the coveted Academy Award.


Though I’ve yet to see one of his films, I’m certain he puts as much work into them as he does his football preparations. I definitely cannot help but wonder what will he do next? Perhaps he will use his most recent unexpected return to the field as inspiration for his next film. Or maybe expand his film skills with an in front of the camera performance? While I doubt anyone, including Suggs himself, could answer that question, I do know he will continue to bring his larger than life personality to the Raven’s sideline.