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TeensonSports.com | Sports from a Teen Perspective | Interviews, Memorabilia, Contests and More Amy Hayes, Ring Announcer
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Amy Hayes

Ring Announcer



What do you like best about being a ring announcer?

I would have to say the energy of a live audience and making it thru a show without mistakes on live TV (it happens).  Before and after a fight the fans are so good to me and I am grateful.  I don't take their compliments or excitement for granted!  In fact, I actually pray and thank god for it, and that I get 10 more years out of it.  I'll be 37 on November 24th and it feels weird.  I still feel like I am about 27.  Fortunately, most people think I am younger by almost 10 years. It's really cool to have 21 year olds hitting on you, so thanks everyone for being so nice to me.  Special thanks to the ladies because they really support me and love taking pictures with me too.  I always tell them how beautiful they are.


What advice do you have for someone interested in being a ring announcer?

Well it took me nearly 10 years to really get started, even though I was already in broadcasting and had been a professional model with some acting and a lot of emcee experience.  I am the first legit female announcer in boxing, and there is a reason!  Boxing was still one of the remaining "boys clubs".  First find a boxing or MMA promoter locally.  It is a good idea to start a facebook with photos and any video links of you announcing (even if you have to do a pretend fight on camera).  You'll get a lot of crap so be prepared if you want to be in broadcasting or any form of entertainment.  You'll also learn how to cope with that and it will make you stronger over time.  It wasn't until I was ready to quit the whole notion of being a ring announcer, when I got a call from promoter Dan goossen to sign a five year contract, which put me on TV for the next few years.  We had all of the fights on the long running series "Sunday Night Fights" on Fox Sports Net.


What is the best fight that you have been a part of and why?

Gosh, now they run all together - it's hard to choose.  I'll have to say as an overall experience my shows in Mexico, Bucharest, and Manilla were the most exciting.  In Manilla and Bucharest, they treated me like I was a rock star!  Very humbling you know.  In my mind, I am asking "don't you know I am just Amy?  Do I really deserve all this attention?"


What do you do in your free time?

Hanging out on the lake here in Kentucky and orking at the Kentucky Equire humane center  I love horses and that makes me happy.  I write in my journal most nights, and like to watch Law & Order and Criminal Minds.


What was your favorite subject in school?

History and geography.


What is the last book you read?

Sarah Palin Going Rogue - An American Life