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Ricardo Lamas

UFC Contender


1.) How have you been preparing for your upcoming fight against Jose Aldo?

I've been training with the same team, I started back in October and have been going at it for about three months. I'm finishing up in Florida with MMA Masters, but started with Top Notch in Illinois. Been going good!


2.) How do you see the fight ending?

With me getting my hand raised by any means possible. I'm going to go in there ready for a war, and any little mistake he gives me, I'm going to look to capitalize on and try to end the fight at any minute.


3.) What is the best attribute of your game?

I consider myself to be a very good well-rounded fighter. I have a backround in wrestling, but I use more than my wrestling in my fights. I combine everything together. My mental toughness is one of the best in the UFC.


4.) In your opinion, what is the best attribute of Jose Aldo's game?

His striking is definitely the best attribute of his game. His leg kicks, his striking is crisp and clean, and he's accurate. He doesn't make many mistakes, but I'll be looking for any mistake.


5.) What does a typical day look like?

I do two training sessions a day with my team. It could be an MMA class with things mixed together like Jiu-Jitsu. I focus on grappling. Apart from that, I am doing my cardio and conditioning on the side. I usually workout three times a day.


6.) If you could say a couple of words to the champion, what would they be?

I hope you're not taking me lightly because I'm trying to win this fight.