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Shelby Graham Pre-Fight Interview


On 2/21/14, Shelby Graham is taking on one of his toughest tests yet against Thai fighter Dave Hale for Bluegrass Brawl 11. Shelby Graham is one of the best pro fighters around. Find my pre-fight interview with him below.


1.) You're fighting a great Thai fighter in Dave Hale, how have you been preparing for the fight?

Well Dave is a well-rounded and tough fighter. I have just been sticking to the things that got me this far. I push myself to the Limit 365 days a year. There is no off season for a true fighter.


2.) What is the best attribute of your game?

The best attribute of my game is my heart. I refuse to let the fans and the people that believe in me down.


3.) Who have you been training with?

I have been training with a variety of people as always. I go up to chicago with Shonie Carter, RiverCity in St. Louis, Justin Polette at 5 rings, Ken Porter, Andrew Sanchez, and with The Ratt Pack DoJo.


4.) How do you see the fight ending?

I feel that if I don't stop him, it will go to a decision


5.) What is your game plan?

My game plan is to stick to what I always have done in every fight. Bang Bang Bang!!!!


6.) If you could say a couple of words to Hale, what would they be?

"Matt Hale, you are a great fighter and a very though opponent! I am very grateful for the opportunity to face you in the cage. I will not fight up anymore so lets put on a show for everyone before I go back to 135lbs!"