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Rumble Time Promotions “Undefeated 2” comes to Ameristar Casino May 31st! “Undefeated 2” has a great heavyweight boxer who will be fighting on the main card. This boxer is the undefeated 25 year old Tex Trismegistus, who has a stunning record of 8 wins with no defeats. He has a tough opponent ahead of him. That opponent has a record of 12-4 and is a two time heavyweight champion Richard Carmack. I talked to the STL rising star Trismegistus before his fight.


When asked about how he has been preparing for his fight, Tex said, “a lot of running and a lot of punches. Carmack is supposed to be a way better boxer, but I’m here to prove anyone who thinks that wrong. I’m going to hit him with some nice, sharp punches and beat him up. I want to show him that he’s not better than me. On paper, it looks like Carmack is a better fighter, and that he has fought a lot of good, tough opponents.” The coach of Tex, Mike Wood added, “Carmack has more experience, former national champion, and he has a successful record and has fought more. It’ll be a big opportunity for Tex to step his game up."


Tex sees the fight ending by KO. He said, “Carmack has to get knocked out. I’m going to push the pace in the first round, and it’ll be done in the third.”


A typical day for Tex consists of, “Push-ups, crunches, I’ll see my weight lifting coach, or Mike Wood depending on the day. Sometimes I see them back to back, and it’s hard! I feel dead after it. I try to keep it easy and fun. Training is the hardest part, I always look forward to the fighting which is the fun part!”


Tex’s career highlight was, “My second fight. My second boxing match. We fought in Jefferson City for a church, the guy I fought was a really good boxer. The guy I fought never really lost! He had some draws. It was his hometown, and I was out of shape. That’s when I started taking boxing more serious.” Mike Wood said, “It was odd fighting at a church but this was a mega church, and there were thousands of people in the audience. There were few different campuses located there. Tex put on a good performance.”


Tex wants to tell fans that on May 31st, “There will be a show. There will be tons of punches.”


This is Tex’s first title fight. When asked if he has any nerves going into the fight, he said “No! I don’t really get nerves going into fights. I like to fight. What’s to get nervous about? If somebody punches you in the mouth at any given time, you’re going to have to fight them. I definitely don’t mind getting into a fight.” Tex’s favorite part about fighting is, “punching people in the month.”


Tex has many goals that he wants to achieve. After he defeats Carmack, he wants to, “fight on the undercard of Showtime. I want to fight on bigger shows. But my game plan is still the same, beat the crap out of everybody in my way. Whatever happens, happens. I’m a fighter so I am fighting whoever they put me up against.”


Tex believes that in boxing, Carmack is the toughest opponent he’s faced. “It totally will be the toughest opponent. If you look on the paper, it shows he’s my toughest opponent.” Mike Wood mentioned, “It’s a step up for Tex. He is for sure a tough opponent. Carmack has the credentials. Once Tex wins this, it’ll put him up there for bigger opportunities. It will be a good progression for Tex when he wins.”


When asked about how he got interested in boxing, Tex said, “Mike Wood, my trainer and manager got me interested. I was originally doing MMA out of St. Charles MMA, and I wanted to make it to the next level. Which would be the UFC or Bellator. After some problems in MMA, I called Mike Wood up, and he would come to all of my shows, and asked if I could take a boxing match. We took it, and I beat the crap out of my opponent. Then he asked if I could take another boxing match. He kept me busy with boxing matches, and I forgot about MMA! We’ve been boxing every other month.” Mike Wood said, “I’m trying to get him away from MMA because he’s a way better boxer. He’s a way more skilled boxer.”


Mike Woods' motto is, “Train hard and win easy! You get out what you put in.” Tex says, “If you show up, and keep showing up, that’s what leads to success.”


In Tex’s free time, “I love hanging out with my son. I also like movies! I like chilling.”


Tex thinks that the best attribute of his game is, “The fact that I am aggressive and tough, I am a heavyweight but I fight like a middleweight. I like putting on a show and I throw tons of punches. That’s what keeps me in fights. I smile a lot in the ring! Boxing is fun and I have fun in the ring.” Mike Wood says, “He’s not a typical heavyweight. Heavyweights usually lay on top of each other, but Tex likes to throw punches, big punches! He can snap his punches, and move light on his feet when he wants to be. More entertaining to watch.”


When asked about what he has been working on, Tex said, “Keeping my hands up. I put my hands down so much. I don’t know what it is, but I have to feel my opponents’ power. I’m keeping my hands up and throwing a lot more punches.”


Tex thinks that the best part of his opponent Carmacks game is, “He’s a big guy. He is a fellow snappy puncher. He just doesn’t throw a lot of punches. He’s a good counter puncher though. I don’t watch film, I hear their game from my coaches. When I’m in the ring, I’m not watching there videos while fighting, I’m listening to my coaches. I really listen to my corner. I’m communicating with my coach.” Tex thinks that some weaknesses in Carmacks game include, “He has a big belly. I just can’t wait to punch into that belly. I see his belly as being a weakness for this fight, because I’m a big body hunter. I see him taking a bunch of punches though. He’s supposed to be really tough, but we’ll find out.”


I asked him about which former or current world champion he fights most like, Tex said, “Joe Frazier, but the heart of Joe Louis!”


In five years, Tex sees himself ranked very high in the boxing rankings. “I see myself in the top 20’s, fighting some top guys, for a lot of money.”


Wood says that when Tex beats Carmack, "he should be in the top fifties to seventies in rankings. He should be fighting some top guys.”


Tex walked me through the process of getting this title fight against Carmack. “We were originally supposed to fight his younger brother for the Missouri and Midwest title. Something happened with him and he pulled out, only his family know what happened. He didn’t want that fight. That happened three times. The fight that I’m fighting the 31st should’ve happened months ago.” Wood said, “After we beat this Carmack, there will be no need to fight the other brother for his titles.”


Watch Tex take on Richard Carmack at the Ameristar Casino May 31st!