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WWE LIVE Summerslam Heatwave Tour - San Jose

By: Jennie Vo

Match Results:


Dean Ambrose (winner by pinfall) vs Seth Rollins

It was evident throughout the match that there was nothing but hatred between these two men after Rollins sold out of The Shield to join Triple H and The Authority. There was even a point in the match when Ambrose threw 4-5 steel chairs into the ring - an item that Rollins once used to beat Ambrose to the bone. The two went at it for almost 20 minutes with numerous near pin falls. Anger raged Rollins when he was unable to pin Ambrose for the 3rd time and he took off the buckle at corner of the ring - the referee, however, noticed Rollins' dirty tactics and went to put back the buckle. Slyly, Rollins rolls out of the ring and retrieves his MITB briefcase and holds it in the air, just about to slam it across Ambrose's head. The arena went crazy to get the referee to call attention to Rollins, and just in time, the ref stops Rollins. From then on, Ambrose gathers whatever energy he had left to finish off Rollins.


Heath Slader vs Adam Rose (winner by pinfall)

This was the match that was to be decided by WWE fans who attened the Live event - they had the option of voting between a fight or a dance off and surprisngly, 51% of fans voted for a match. In the first couple of minutes these two showed off their cartwheeling skills by tumbling around in the ring. In the end, Rose won the three count and left San Jose with the W.


Tag Team : Ryback and Cesaro vs RVD and Big E (winner by pinfall)

This tag team matchup started off with a lot of funny business from Ryback as he faced Big E. The four men went all out against each other and gave the crowd a fight worth watching. In the end, RVD pinned Ryback.


Rusev (winner by submission) vs Jack Swagger

These two men marched out to the ring with their homeland's flag in one hand and their pride in the other. This hectic brawl between the two was just a preview for tomorrow's flag match. Halfway through, SAP Center's "USA" and "We The People" chants got under Rusev's skin as he decided to walk out of the match. However, Rusev walking out was not on Swagger's agenda and he dragged Rusev back into the ring for an All-American beat down. When Swagger had his ankle lock in place, the crowd went wild and thought Rusev was done for; however, he managed to grab a hold of the ropes. Just seconds after, Rusev gave Swagger a taste of his own submission hold, ultimately forcing Swagger to tap out.  The tap out by Swagger was a smart move because it was better than getting injured the day before his Summerslam match. Swagger left SAP Center unscathed, but Rusev left with a limp caused from Swagger's ankle lock.


Ric Flair special guest referee Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt

Woo! The crowd went wild as Ric Flair came out in a black and white shirt to referee the match against Chris Jericho and Bray Wyatt. It was evident throughout that Flair was in favor of Jerico picking up the victory - for every pinfall from Wyatt and every 10 second count, he made sure to count very, very slow. Frustrated, Wyatt slapped Ric Flair across the face and in the blink of an eye, the match turned into Wyatt vs Ric Flair. This temporary distraction ignited the fans and gave Jericho time to recovery and finish Wyatt with a codebreaker.


Women's Tag Team Match: Natalya and Layla (winners) vs Rosa Mendez and Paige

Natalya and Layla were great tag team partners and had each others backs throughout the whole fight. As for Rosa and Paige, it seemed like Paige did most of the heavy lifting. It was a crowd pleaser to see Natalya pin Rosa, but the best part of the match was probably when Layla and Paige tumbled right over the referee.


Roman Reigns (winner by pinfall) vs Randy Orton

This was another preview for tomorrow night's Summerslam match. The two had an eccentric battle and took the match from the ring, to the crowd, and back into the ring. But in the end, Reigns' spear allowed him to pick up the victory.


Main event : John Cena (winner by pinfall) vs Kane for the WWE and Heavyweight Championship

Steel steps. Chairs. Tables. All things that were used to cause anguish throughout the San Jose street fight. Although it was obvious that Cena would come out victorious (he has a HUGE match against Brock Lesnar for the titles at Summerslam), it still was a fight to remember. Kane punished Cena using tables, chokeslams, chairs, and steel steps. But in the end, it was Cena’s Attitude Adjustment through a table that gave him the win.