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WWE Summerslam Results

By: Jennie Vo

RVD (winner) VS CESARO

The high flying RVD attemped to go off the top rope three times but was denied by Cesaro 4 times. 5th attempt off top rope, RVD connected a body slam and the sealed the match with a pinfall. This was a great first match to get fans amped up for the rest of SummerSlam.


Intercontinental Championship: The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler (winner)

The Miz's Moneymaker face was Ziggler's primary point of attack throughout, and the fans loved it. The Miz wasn't able to deface Ziggler as he promised; however he himself was defaced in the process of losing his Intercontental Championship. Near the end of the match, The Miz went for a punt to the face, Ziggler dodged it and went for the Zig Zag to become WWE's NEW Intercontinental Champion.


Diva's Championship: Paige (winner)vs AJ Lee

These two divas have been going at it since April when AJ lost her Diva's Championship to Paige. Two months ago, AJ was able to take back the belt from Paige amd simce then, bad blood between the two has been running rampant. In their SummerSlam matchup, there was a lot of hair pulling and head butting. But im the end, Paige's DDT to AJ allowed her to win the match and become WWE's NEW Diva's Champion. To rub it in a little bit more, Paige even gave AJ a snarky kiss on the cheek as she skips out the arena with pride and victory.

Flag Match: Rusev(winner) vs Jack Swagger

A flag match is very very rare, and we haven't seen one in a long time. Whoever gets the pinfall will have his flag raised at the end. This is a match wasn't just Swagger vs Rusev, but the WWE creative team has also turned it into a battle between USA and Russia. As Rusev walked out with his Russian flag in hand, his representative Lana, had a belittling speech in which she praised Vladamir Putin and denounced the USA. After the "boos" from the audience, Swagger, the All-American American marches out with four American soldiers with two American flags. When Swagger stepped into the ring and "We The People" chants ran rampant, Rusev attacked Swagger - silencing the crowd. Swagger fights back and puts Rusev's left ankle in his infamous ankle lock, targeting the same ankle from the night before in San Jose. As the match got under way, it seemed that Swagger was the dominating force over Rusev. However, Swagger landed awkwardly when he body slammed Rusev off the second rope. Swagger was seen clutching his right side for the rest of the match. Throughout the match, Rusev's left ankle was Swagger's ankle lock. Three times did Swagger have his submission hold locked in, but every time, Rusev was able to break free or grab the ropes. In the end Rusev was able to lock in the Accolade - which knocks Swagger out cold for five minutes. In the end it was Russia's flag that hung high in Staples Center.

Lumberjack Match: Seth Rollins (winner) vs Dean Ambrose

Surrounded by men that The Shield has ambushed in the past, this was a match to remember, and probably the most entertaining match of the night. In the beginning, the Lumberjacks did their jobs and threw the man back into the ring everytime they were thrown out. Later on, Ambrose attacked the 4 lumberjacks who put their hands on him and it then became a beatdown...on both men. In a short moment later, Ambrose and Rollins took the match to the fans as they beat each other up in the stand, aisles, and stairs. The lumberjacks didn't want to head out into the audience, so they stayed ringside. However, the new Kane rushed out in his suit and tie and yelled at the lumberjacks to get the two men back into the ring. Just as Ambrose was about to throw Rollins from the top of the Lakers' entrance hall (about 15 feet), the lumberjacks grab a hold of Ambrose to stop him. Rollins tries to sneak away as Ambrose is being hauled back into the ring, but he is met by a bundle of lumberjacks waiting to carry him back to the ring. As Rollins is being carried back to the ring by at least 7 lumberjacks, Ambrose goes off the top rope, tackling all of them. When the fight turns up into the ring again, Ambrose uses Rollins' signature curb stomps against Rollins. However there is an altercation and the lumberjacks all end up in the ring beating each other and the two challengers up. Somehow, Rollins manages to escape the chaos and takes his Money in the Bank briefcase and slams it on the top of Ambrose's head, winning the pinfall.

Bray Wyatt (winner) vs Chris Jericho

This was the second best match of the night as Wyatt squared off against Jericho. The match went back and forth for a while until Jericho locked in his signature submission hold - The Wallls of Jericho. The whole stadium thought that Wyatt would tap; however, he reached the ropes just in time. Jericho's run didn't end there. A couplle of minutes later he hit the Codebreaker and goes for the pin. After the referee's second count, Wyatt manages to put his foot on the ropes, which stops the count. Things take a turn for the worse as Wyatt connects with The Sister of Abigail twice and wins the pinfall.

Brie Bella vs Stephanie Mcmahon (winner)

Brie Bella, her husband Daniel Bryan, and her twin sister Nikki have all been the subjects of torment by Stephanie McMahon and The Authority. Steph hasn't been in the ring for eleven years, but it's safe to say that she's still got it. Early on, Steph even hit the Pedigree, but Brie was able to kick out on two. In a short moment later, Brie gets the Yes Lock locked in and Stephanie is far from the ropes. In the blink of an eye, Stephanie's husband, Triple H, rushed out to the ring and pulls the referee out from under his feet. As if things weren't intense enough, Nikki Bella ran out to stop Triple H before he does anything else to damage Brie's chances of winnning the match. Brie gets up and flys out of the ring, kicking Triple H in the process. Nikki then hops into the ring, and the Bellas corner Stephanie in the middle. With the referee motionless on the side of the ring, it seemed that Stephanie was going to get the beatdown that she deserved. However, Nikki pushes Steph asiade and gives Brie a right elbow to the face. Triple H notices this, and throws the referee back into the ring and Steph hits the Pedigree for the second time. Although Steph got the win, the fans weren't talking about how Steph pinned Brie, but how Nikki crossed her own sister to buy into The Authority.

Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns (winner)

Tables, steel steps, and concrete poles. All things that the one wrestler used to slam the other wrestler's head/body into. This was a physical match and both men fought their hardest. In the middle of the match, Orton connected with an RKO; however, Reigns kicked out on two. Later on, Orton went for the punt, but Reigns' quick reflexes allowed him to counter and he finishes Orton with a spear off the ropes.

Main Event: WWE World Championship: John Cena vs Brock Lesnar

Moments into the matchup, Lesnar hits his finishing move, F5, on Cena. This sets the tone of Lesnar's beatdown for the rest of the night. Lesnar used a total of 16 suplexes on Cena and barely broke a sweat. There were moments when Cena was able to gain momentum, but they were outnumbered by Lesnar's brutality. Cena hit the AA but it wasn't enough to pin the brute. Cena even locked in the STFU submission hold, but the former WWE and UFC Heavyweight champion was able to beat his way out of it. From that point on, Cena became Lesnar's punching bag. It looked more like Lesnar's training session than a WWE main event. Lesnar decides that he's done toying with his prey as he hits the F5 again, which gave him the victory over Cena. The crowd was in awe and anger as Lesnar was able to put an end to Cena's talk of heart and never giving up. Lesnar walked out of Staples with his two new championship belts in hand as WWE's new world heavyweight champion.