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Wesley Powers Post-Fight Interview

By: Matthew Pearlman

August 30th was an action packed night at the Family Arena in St. Louis, MO. Some of the best amateur fighters in the Midwest competed in an entertaining night, and there was a title on the line between the undefeated prospect Kevin Roper and the very tough Wesley Powers.


In a back and forth, crowd pleasing fight, Wesley Powers ended up winning a split decision victory (29-28, 28-29, 29-28), and walking out of the arena with the belt on his shoulder.


Find my post fight interview with the new unifed Midwest Middleweight Champion below.


Matthew: What surprised you most about Roper's game?

Wesley: How easily I could manhandle him on the ground, given the fact that he's a decorated wrestler.


Matthew: This was a very, very close decision. How relieved were you when you're name was called and your hand was raised?

Wesley: I was EXTREMELY relieved. Losses are a crushing thing, given the amount of work I put in for this fight and the pressure on me.


Matthew: Looking back, would you have done anything different in the fight?

Wesley: I would have paced myself more when I mounted Roper in round one. I punched myself out.


Matthew: Is Roper the toughest opponent you've faced yet?

Wesley: Roper is definitely up on the list. Although I think Robert Alexander was the toughest I've fought.


Matthew: How have you been celebrating the win?

Wesley: I have celebrated by showing my family and close friends the belt I worked for, and we're having a family cook out today!


Congrats to the new Midwest Champion Wesley Powers on a well-deserved win. Keep up with Wesley Powers career on twitter at: wespowersmma.


Wesley Powers would like to give a shout out to:

His sponsor: Solid Rock Construction in Taylorville, Illnois (217-820-8604)

His gyms: Robbins MMA & Corrective Exercise (217-414-8500)