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Getting to know Boxer Alvin Varmall Jr

By: Matthew Pearlman


If you were a fan of watching guys like Mike Tyson and Joe Louis, then I have another future legend that you’ll love watching. Alvin Varmall Jr is a 23 year old boxer out of Louisiana. He is currently 6-0 with six knockouts. Read our interview below.


Matthew: How’d you get started in boxing?

Alvin: My father was a running back, and I was one to always follow in my father’s footsteps. I had the chance of becoming a very good football player, but things changed, as my coach didn’t give me a shot at running back. That was the position I wanted to play. My father was a good running back who could’ve been drafted in the NFL, but personal problems appeared and set him back. They tried to put me at linebacker, which is alright, but it still wasn’t the position that I wanted to play. In my junior year, I wasn’t getting any scholarships or letters, which you’d usually see happen in your junior year. Halfway through that year, they tried to put me in a position where I’d have to face huge guys on the line. How would I beat a guy who’s 6’5” and 300 pounds when I’m 5’8”? I was thinking that I’d never see that position in college. One day, I was trying to lose weight. I was never fat, but I was a little heavy although I was always muscular. I asked my dad one Christmas if he could get me a punching bag to lose some weight, which I thought would also get me faster. He ended up getting me a punching bag which was the start. I met up with a longtime friend of mine at a Mardi-Gras parade. I asked him what he was doing with his life, and he said he was a boxer. He showed me the boxing gym he trained at, and after visiting it, I never left!


Matthew: What are your goals for 2015-2016?

Alvin: My goals are to continue to win in impressive fashion. I want people to remember me. I want to leave people in awe. I’ll continue to work until I’m the Undisputed Champion of the World. That’s the long term goal. I won’t stop until I reach this goal. I’m going to work and train hard every day.


Matthew: What does a typical training day look like?

Alvin: I get up at around 5:00 AM. I run my five miles depending on what day it is. I train seven days a week, and am off on Saturday. Monday through Friday I’ll wake up at around 5 and get my run in. On Monday, I’ll run six miles; On Tuesday, I’ll do sprints; On Wednesday and Sunday, I’ll go on a hike with my strength and conditioning coach for 12-13 miles (running and walking), and we’ll also go lift weights and things like that… At 1:00, I’ll train. This consists of three rounds on the rope, my trainer and I will get in the ring and work on the moves every day, then we’ll go to the bag and do about 12 rounds (three minutes a round with one minute to rest). I work the maze ball which helps with head movement. There are a lot of rounds in the day!


Matthew: You’re speed and power is what caught my attention. What do you believe is the best attribute of your game?

Alvin: The best attribute would be me being able to use my mind, and having the will-power and belief in myself. Once you believe in yourself, you can do anything. That faith and will is the best attribute of my game. The power and the speed is just a plus!


Matthew: What has been your career highlight as of now?

Alvin: Winning the Nationals in the amateurs. If we’re talking in the present, it’d just be the fact that I’m 6-0 with six knockouts, and getting out of the situation I was in. I’m now with my new manager, Inderpal Rai, and we have a much better relationship then my other experience in the past. It’s a blessing, and is also one of the highlights of my career, mainly because if I didn’t have the manager I do now, things wouldn’t be running as smoothly. A lot of people don’t understand that there is more to boxing then just boxing, the smart fighters think boxing and business. You see boxers working really hard, and that’s good, but they don’t think about the business, so when they get knocked out, they get taken advantage of especially when there is a loss in there career. Being able to have a great team is a blessing.


Matthew: Who’s been your toughest opponent?

Alvin: Myself. When I’m sharp and in good shape, no one can beat me. At the end of the day, you can’t train for me. I’m very unorthodox. I fight with a lot of pride because I know I will be the one to continue the legacy, and follow behind some greats like Mike Tyson and Floyd Patterson. There are people who have tried to do it, but it never works for them. People think that you just have to have the power, but that didn’t just make Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson. It was the work that he put in and it was the moves he did. You have to have the moves, and a lot of guys are lazy, the style that we have is all out action, aggression and pressure. It’s not just any pressure, you have to have controlled aggression. It’s all method to every one of the movements you do. Everything is planned and mapped out. I’m my toughest opponent, because when I’m not doing as well with damaging my opponent, I’m allowing them to hit me when I shouldn’t be getting hit.


Matthew: For fans who aren’t as familiar with you yet, what can they expect to see when watching you fight?

Alvin: They can expect to see me win in exciting fashion. The moves and style that I have is something you don’t see often. It’s so clear to see when you slip, and make a guy miss, and then when you combine the speed and power along with that, you see knockouts. It’s about winning in extreme fashion. In boxing, you have to be extreme, that’s what people like to see. It’s sad to say, but you’re only as good as your last fight. I give people a show by making guys miss and making them pay. I hate to sound brutal, but the bloody noses and swollen eyes is what the people want to see. That’s what I try to dish out. It’s also about being unique. A lot of guys will try to knock out somebody, and you see them jumping around… The true professionals are the old school fighters who will knock you out and just walk to the corner, and just stand there, and that’s how I want people to see me doing. I’m not this crazy, vicious guy. I’m calm and collected, and I never lose composure. That’s what makes you a true professional. I’m unique, and I’m not going to celebrate after. I knock guys out in sparring, so I expected to knock you out.


Alvin looks to improve to 7-0 on July 11th in West Virginia. Make sure to keep your eyes on this motivated and dedicated young boxer as he looks to become the Undisputed Champion of the World!