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Izzie Robinson Pre-Fight Interview

By: Matthew Pearlman


18 year old Izzie Robinson looks to impress in her MMA debut on January 30th for Shamrock FC: Blitzkrieg. I caught up with her before her fight against Kira Franke.


Robinson explained her preparation for this bout, “I’ve been working a lot on my ground game. I’ve also worked on my stand up. I’m really excited for this fight and surprisingly I’m really not nervous.”


She doesn’t know how the fight will end, “I couldn’t tell you that. I try to visualize how the fight ends. If it goes to the ground, I’ll try to submit her or win by TKO. If it stays on the feet, I’m not afraid to strike.”


Robinson has a message for her fans, “I will do my best in the cage. I’ll make all of my fans proud! Hopefully, some of my followers can watch it on video if they can’t make it to the fight.”


She walked me through the process of getting this fight, “Rob Washington worked hard to get me on this card. We set a goal and hopefully we will accomplish it. This fight is definitely dedicated to my team.”


After being asked who she fights most like, Robinson said, “I don’t think I fight like anyone exactly. I love the arm bar, so I guess Ronda Rousey. I look up to her intensity and determination, I can relate to her in that way.”


In her free time, she enjoys another form of exercise, “I like to swing dance. I did it a lot in Texas. I guess that was my extra-curricular activity!”


Robinson talked about a typical day for her, “I worked on some strength training for this fight. I go to school (I count that as part of my training day). In the evening, I do some drills and I go to an MMA class.”


She shared a couple of her heroes with me, “Batman is one of my heroes. On the fight poster it shows me wearing a batman shirt, which was unintentional! I used to wear batman when I was in preschool. There was also a man that I was close with who got me into MMA. He passed away four years ago, but he was one of my heroes.”


You can watch Izzie Robinson take on Kira Franke at the Lumiere Casino on January 30th.